Beginner explanation for all classes.

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The first, and most important decision that you will run into when playing Diablo Immortal is, Choosing Your Class. What class you choose will define your style of gameplay, what groups you’ll find yourself in, and how effective you are in certain game modes. Depending on your preferences, you may lean towards one class or another, but it’s important to remember that ALL classes are viable, so whatever you choose, it should be mainly focused on what you enjoy based on what style you want to play.




In your face, spin-to-win, savage, and ridiculously fast, are some of the things that define the Barbarian. Choosing this class means you’ll be amping up you and your party’s movement speed while charging into battle. With almost exclusively melee skills, you’ll never find yourself outside of the fight; but with an immense amount of AoE and CC, you won’t want to. The Barbarian is one of the premiere classes in group play, and can still hold its own in solo. Boasting one of the best PvP skills in the game, Undying Rage, you’ll find that the Barbarian is almost unmatched in PvP prowess. Be careful, however, as when diving into groups of enemies, you’ll most surely find yourself surrounded and killed if not ready for it. That along with long cooldowns, are the weaknesses of the Barbarian.




You can’t talk about the Crusader without talking about their steed. Crusader’s premiere ability and one of the best in the game, Draw and Quarter, allows you to run around at vastly increased movement speed to group enemies and scout the map, while also allowing you to use your Primary Attack. Everything revolves around this ability, making sure you use your skills before you mount, avoiding CC, and timing the use right. On top of the celestial horse, the Crusader boasts a powerful arsenal of group buffs and AoE damage, not to mention, quite survivable. Another must have class in your party, but can also cruise through content on its own. The only problem is, without your horse, you are severely weakened. Proper usage of this skill, and being able manage long cooldowns effectively, is paramount for a very good Crusader.


Demon Hunter


Damage. That’s what you’ll be doing when locking in the Demon Hunter. Despite the Demon Hunter’s lack of buffs and CC, it more than makes up for it in sheer damage. The Demon Hunter is able to move while shooting, mowing down anything in its path with their massive single-target damage and powerful AoE with Multishot. Perhaps one of the most wanted classes for group play, simply for their ability to melt through enemies, which also makes them great for clearing solo. Although you are able to shoot while moving, the Demon Hunter lacks mobility, which can cause a lot of problems due to their low defensive stats. Pathing correctly, and dodging damage can shore up this weakness.




Fast action gameplay and well-timed combos are the features of the Monk. You’ll be able to jump in, out, and through combat repeatedly due to the insane mobility offered in their skills. On top of this, their low cooldowns make it so they’ll never have a shortage of dashes; however, speed is not the only thing to highlight. Amazing group buffs, and massive amounts of AoE can wreak havoc on the enemies. Unfortunately, the Monk will most prominently want to ride with others, as setting up and landing their abilities will take precision. The Monk excels at providing support to their teammates: CC immunity, damage reduction, and CC of their own, makes them a valuable asset for PvE and PvP.




Have you always wanted to control an army of undead warriors? Necromancer is for you. Summoning and controlling all manner of undead creatures will be the highlight of the Necromancer. Because of this, you’ll be able to crush content solo, while still offering a lot of power to groups through group protection, CC, and damage. Is also the only class in the game that can take advantage of enemy corpses, by turning them into poisonous areas or hurling corpse lances at enemies. Despite being a summoning class, you’ll oftentimes have to keep a short distance for maximum effectiveness, creating a high risk, high reward playstyle. Add to that your relative lack of mobility, and you’ll have to be very careful where you place your abilities, or possibly find yourself in big trouble.




Using the arcane arts to chain together spells and annihilate enemies is key to the Wizard. With both massive amounts of AoE, and single-target damage, you’ll be able to devastate PvE content. Just like casting a spell, the proper sequencing of abilities is crucial, as without it, you’ll lose out on massive amounts of damage. But if you find yourself in a tricky situation, you’ll have your signature get out of jail free card, Teleport. With this skill you can be sure that you’ll be safe while setting up combos and channeling skills, and if you find yourself in a PvP scenario, going on the offensive will be sure to surprise your opponents. You won’t be able to coast with the Wizard. Without any group buffs available, your effectiveness drastically drops without landing your damaging spells. You’ll need precise aim and timing to get maximum use out of this character. This is also a great channeling class, and if you’re able to stand in one place safely there are ways to ramp up dealing tons of damage to anything in your path. The Wizard is a high skill, combination ability class that will reward skilled spell timing and management.


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