Legendary Gems Tier List

Written By VeiledShot


S Tier


Blood-Soaked Jade


Blessing of the Worthy


Seeping Bile

S-Tier gems are the cream of the crop. If you do find one of these, you can feel confident that these are worth ranking up.

Blood-Soaked Jade - (5 Star)

This is the most universally impactful gem in the game. It is simply a % movement and damage bonus no matter what class. On top of that, it maxes out at 10%, a massive increase.

Blessing of the Worthy - (5 Star)

While more impactful for melee classes, the damage output that comes from this gem is massive. Although this gem may be placed in a lower tier for range classes, it still does quite a bit of damage.

Seeping Bile - (5 Star)

Giving everyone a small chance to Poison enemies while having it spread is huge for clearing large groups of enemies.

A Tier


Berserker's Eye


Lightning Core


Everlasting Torment


Ca'arsen's Invigoration


Phoenix Ashes

These A-Tier gems are ones that will give you very consistent and impactful value.

Berserker’s Eye - (1 Star)

This gem will give you a flat increased damage bonus everywhere. Although there is that slight drawback, damage increase is the most important for speed clearing.

Lightning Core - (2 Star)

Although this has a low chance to take effect, we will be attacking so often it will take effect and deal a large amount of Area of Effect damage which will just overall help your damage output.

Everlasting Torment - (1 Star)

This gem is especially good in parties with the Crusader as you can get a 100% Critical Chance buff. Not only then though, as it will be very impactful when you do land a Critical Hit, and it happens often.

Ca’arsen’s Invigoration - (1 Star)

Although this seems like it was born to be on the Demon Hunter, every class will be filling their downtime with Primary Attacks. Excellent gem.

Phoenix Ashes - (5 Star)

This could easily be an S++ Tier gem in PvP. Giving yourself a second chance at life is massive. It will also get a lot of value in very tough PvE situations.

B Tier


Trickshot Gem




The Hunger


Chained Death


Seled's Weakening


Fervant Fang


Bloody Reach


Frozen Heart


Power & Command

The B-Tier gems are our average strength gems. They will either have a unique effect, or just overall give you a decent damage bonus.

Trickshot Gem - (1 Star)

This one can easily go up in tiers based on the class you’re playing. Barbarian and Wizard get a lot of use due to their channeling skills.

Battleguard - (2 Star)

Gives you a solid damage reduction as long as you are melee.

The Hunger - (2 Star)

This one offers a unique healing effect that could be very good for melee classes that take a lot of damage and need some sustain.

Chained Death - (1 Star)

All the classes will be using Area of Effect damage within their build so this gem gives you a consistent damage increase to those abilities.

Seled’s Weakening - (1 Star)

This could be classified as an A-Tier gem, or even an S-Tier if this list only covered the early game. When you kill an enemy, this gives you a solid damage increase which makes it very consistent in PvE.

Fervant Fang - (2 Star)

This gem gives you a large damage increase on Bosses due to it ramping up damage increase.

Bloody Reach - (2 Star)

One of the best early game gems for ranged classes, as it will just give you a consistent damage increase.

Frozen Heart - (5 Star)

This will give you one of the highest damage reductions on this gem list, but you need to be sure to manage the space between your character and the enemy to maintain that damage reduction.

Power & Command - (2 Star)

This gem requires you to be very attentive. Watching for the swap between increased ability damage and increased Primary Attack damage.

C Tier


Defiant Soul


Nightmare Wreath


Respite Stone


Cutthroat's Grin


Echoing Shade


Howler's Call


Chip of Stone Flesh

The C-Tier gems have bonuses that could be useful in some situations, but are oftentimes outshined by other gems overall. This is where we start to see some of the more niche 5-star gems being placed.

Defiant Soul - (1 Star)

The extra damage on this gem is actually quite good, the only problem is that it relies on blocking. I could see this being very nice for early Crusader builds, but that’s all.

Nightmare Wreath - (1 Star)

Once again, the cooldown is extremely long at 20 seconds. On top of that, you can’t use it in PvP because it requires you to kill enemies, but due to it causing an Area of Effect fear, it may see some early game use in PvE.

Respite Stone - (1 Star)

This one is pretty plain in giving a small damage reduction based on how much lost life you have. Easily replaceable.

Cutthroat’s Grin - (2 Star)

The Critical Chance increase on this is very good, but forcing someone to be behind their enemy is too inconsistent for this to be any higher.

Echoing Shade - (5 Star)

Very similar to the Mystic Allies skill from the Monk, this gem could be good with any character that has an amazing Primary Attack, as that is what the Shadow Clones would use. So it is very niche.

Howler’s Call - (5 Star)

This gem is overall decently impactful, but the damage output it has can be outclassed when you find something better.

Chip of Stone Flesh - (5 Star)

If this was a PvP list, this gem could go up the tiers, but having a very small chance to stun someone in PvE, just won’t cut it.

F Tier


The Black Rose


Mocking Laughter


Lo's Focused Gaze


Unity Crystal


Zod Stone


Pain of Subjugation

Starting with the F-Tier, these gems just don’t have much use at all, and should be immediately replaced with better options. Their bonuses are either too niche to actually make an impact, or simple mediocre to ineffective bonuses overall.

Black Rose - (1 Star)

Not only does this gem have a low chance to actually Immobilize, but it also has a 12 second cooldown. Oftentimes you’ll get very little value if any for this gem.

Mocking Laughter - (1 Star)

While an interesting effect, the main danger is not non-Elite monsters, it will be the Elites and most often the Bosses.

Io’s Focused Gaze - (1 Star)

Charge skills in general tend to be mediocre, and this gives a mediocre bonus to them.

Unity Crystal - (2 Star)

A very interesting combo gem with your team, however, without any changes, it would require multiple people to use it and the split damage would be small. Better to just get some damage increasing gems.

Zod Stone - (1 Star)

This gem has potential in the C-Tier category, but it would require the class to have an excellent Ultimate Ability on their Primary Attack.

Pain of Subjugation - (1 Star)

While having a big damage increase, it is way too niche for it to be viable over the other gems.


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