Beginner tips and tricks to help Diablo Immortal beginners avoid common mistakes to play efficiently

Written By Skratch



Let’s start with the most obvious one: The blue exclamation marks on the left side of the screen that indicate the small side quests (they give tons of XP which will be needed in order to level up). You will end up progressing through the campaign at a faster rate than you can level up your character since the campaign has level requirements which will gate your progression forward. We suggest that you try to complete every side quest in order to maximize your progression and go out there in the open world to explore. There are tons of hidden layers and zone events that give you great rewards and XP so make sure to be on the lookout every single day.


Leveling Up: Everyone tends to rush quickly to level up in most games without taking in consideration that these types of games are not a sprint but a marathon. If you only focus on your level and XP while ignoring the other leveling mechanics like getting better gear, you will quickly hit a barrier that slows your progression. This means there is no shame in taking a quick pause from the campaign to go and farm some Dungeons or Rifts since they provide you with tons of XP and gear upgrades allowing you to have a linear progression. Do not collect your Battle Pass quests only when you reach the gated levels so you can make the most out of the XP you earn from them. While we are talking about leveling up, let me give you a quick tip: In order to get the most amount of XP from killing mobs, you should always try to chain massacre your kills to create streaks because that will increase your XP substantially every time you reach a higher amount for bonuses. This can be done solo or if you want to chain the kills much faster and easier you can do it with a squad as well, so take advantage of it because it’s very rewarding.


Gear, Storage and Upgrades: Make sure to turn on auto pickup from the settings! Collecting all the loot is very important for gear upgrades and you want to make sure you are not missing out on anything so select auto pick up on normal, magic and rare. You should constantly check for upgrades in your inventory, especially early game, while you progress because that will boost your power a lot. The green arrows will highlight all the upgrades so go ahead and change them when you see those arrows. Another thing you should do is keep an eye on legendary items that have good attributes, you can either store them for a little while in your inventory if space allows or you can transfer their attributes on to different pieces of gear that are higher.


Solo Quests / Challenges: Don’t forget to complete the daily solo challenge rift since it provides you with tons of rewards and upgrades. Everyday you get the chance to challenge a higher level that is more rewarding than the previous one. The challenge rift will drop great rewards every time you beat a new level for the first time so if you get stuck at some specific level, you can always go back to grind the Dungeons and the open world till you become strong enough to beat the next level.


Specific daily and weekly activities will have a daily cap so in order to maximize your rewards and progression. I strongly suggest that you pay attention to them and don’t run the same activity that has a cap after you reach your daily or weekly limit because you won’t receive any rewards. You can use that extra time that you just wasted there on doing something else more productive and rewarding. Other activities, like the battlegrounds, only start or open at specific times during the day, so in order to maximize your rewards and progression I would suggest you keep an eye on them as well.


Early to Mid-Game: Don’t just stack your legendary gems while you wait for new better ones, I know that they are shiny, and they make you say: My Precious! Instead make the most out of them and upgrade them as much as you can in order to benefit from their power and make your grind to the endgame easier. Diablo Immortal has an interesting upgrade system that allows us to infuse or apply the power of a gem that we don’t want to use anymore into a new gem that is more powerful and might have better attributes, so like this nothing will go to waste, and we can make the most out of our resources.


If your inventory is full remember you can always teleport back to town regardless of where you are in the game or if you are taking part in an activity. Don’t just leave the loot behind because you can lose tons of resources like this.


Leveling Up Gear: A very important thing that we all need to be aware of, when you are leveling up the gear like the primary gear or secondary gear, you are actually leveling up the gear slot not the actual gear piece like in other games. So, you don’t have to worry that you are wasting precious resources on leveling up gear that will be easily replaced because the gear slots will be there forever waiting to hold the next powerful weapon that you acquire.


Currencies: We have some scarce resources like hilts, platinum and you can buy a lot of things with them, there’s a lot of temptation out there! But you should not waste them early on and save your hilts & platinum to purchase crests and maybe legendary gems if you find something that is on your most wanted list once you have a better understanding of the game. The other resources that you can purchase with these currencies are farmable and much easier to obtain. Spending your resources by making poor decisions will strongly impact your progression. While we are talking about currencies we can’t forget about Scoria, make sure you are stacking it for the Heliquary upgrades, because besides unlocking bosses, they will directly increase your power by boosting your Combat Rating which is the most important stat in the game.


Elder Rifts: This is an activity that should not be played solo especially when using rare or legendary crests since you can miss out on tons of rewards. Instead, you should try to find a group of people every time you are planning to do this activity in order to maximize your rewards for the entire group. Whenever you are using a legendary crest, you will get a guaranteed legendary gem while the rest of the group will get an item called Fading Embers which will allow you to purchase legendary gems once you collected enough of it. I strongly recommend that you make the most out of it and find groups of people that are planning to use crests so you can all benefit from each other.


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