How to dominate the first Fractured Plane event and thoughts on if it’s good or not

Written By ChoseN


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The Fractured Plane is Diablo Immortal’s first attempt at adding a completionist style event, where there are no pay-to-win, or attribute requirements of any kind, meaning that every player has a perfectly equalized opportunity for success. It consists of 15 different floors to fight through, where gear is earned after each room, with a vendor at the end of each floor before progressing to the next floor.

There are 3 main resources to pay attention to while embarking on your mission to clear the Fractured Plane. Fortune Rating, Resurrections, and Chaos Coins. Managing these 3 things effectively will be the difference between a very easy run, or a wildly failed run.


The Shard of Fortune will max out at Level 10, and this should be a priority for you to get leveled up as fast as possible. Getting this maxed will snowball an RNG advantage that will keep you ahead of the power curve compared to the enemies you are facing later when the event becomes its toughest.


There will only be 5 resurrections available and there is no way to buy, loot, or acquire any more of them. When you die, there will be an option for you to choose between either exiting The Fractured Plane, or spending one of your Resurrections to be instantly revived right where you died at full health to continue the current room you are in.


Chaos Coins will be your currency for purchasing Shard of Fortune levels from the vendor, or new gear that will improve your character. These should generally be spent first on your Shard of Fortune to increase your item probabilities as soon as possible. Try to avoid spending these on healing at all costs even though it seems enticing, because if you’re playing properly, you should be able to use your Resurrections as an opportunity to fully heal for free. Once your Shard of Fortune is maxed out at level 10, you can start purchasing 4star or 5star gear, plus re-rolling for key slots that you need to target. The price for re-rolling is 30 Chaos Coins, which is well worth it later on when you need to target for certain slots.


The general play-style with every class, will be trying to avoid taking damage at all costs, while dealing damage from the safety of range. There is no time limit on clearing the rooms or finishing all 15 floors, so take your time and play very carefully. Run around the edges of the room in a very large circle, while waiting for a proper cycle of your cooldown abilities. It is better to be diligent and take your time finishing the event properly in 90 minutes, than to try and go fast but end up failing over and over for hours on end.

There is a sentiment within the community that ranged classes are much easier to clear this event successfully because of the play-style required, but melee classes can definitely get it done effectively if they are willing to be careful and play with discipline. However, I do think there could be some adjustments made that would help melee classes be able to play the event a little more how their class is designed to

Once you clear the event by finishing all 15 floors, you will be given an option to select 6 of the legendary gear options at the main table where you started the event from in Westmarch. Then you will be given one of those pieces at random.

Final Thoughts

For Diablo Immortal’s first voyage into doing an actual skill required, stat normalized event for the community, it’s honestly pretty well done. It’s nice that players have to think, be careful about how they play, and have a plan of attack. I just wish the rewards were a little bit better to hype the player base up about making sure they clear it. If I were designing the event, I would have had the final reward be a legendary of choice that rolls randomly, 1 legendary crest, 10 gem powder, and 1 million XP.

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