Immortal Activities

Written By DeadwoodJedi


Being an Immortal may seem like a step down from being a Shadow in many respects, but there are a plethora of rewards offered over the course of a week, many of which Shadows can only dream of having. In this article I'm going to first explain why being an Immortal is worth the trouble, then break down all the activities available.
First, why be an Immortal at all? Well, to lead off you get more free legendary Items, access to more items at the Hilt Trader, including Legendary Crests, and more XP as well. Oh and lets not forget that sweet sweet cape! Shadows have their daily quest and the assembly for free xp there as well, but the total xp from the assembly doesn't compare to that granted by the daily activities of the Immortals.

More Legendaries, More XP, More Crests. Immortal is just plain better.

It's not perfect though. Like much of the game, there's some serious structural issues at play here. In fact they seem designed to sow discord among members. It takes a strong leadership structure to really keep everyone happy and focused on the end goals and rewards available. Kion's Ordeal is only available to 48 members at a time and can only be activated so many times each week. The Vault Defense has no in-game queue and requires a lot of player coordination to keep it from making everyone go crazy with frustration. The Daily Goals take considerable time and effort to complete. But being a shadow isn't all fun and games either, with a long and annoying daily quest, path of blood with limited rewards, and a daily hand holding ceremony that merely takes time.
All in all being an Immortal is considerably better than being a Shadow and worth the effort to maintain.

So let's breakdown the activities available to us as Immortals…

Daily Goals

Your day starts with your daily activities. There are 13 activities available, but you can only complete 9 of them and they all have different rewards, so it's important to prioritize the ones you wish to do. As soon as one is completed it occupies one of those 9 slots, even if you complete others later on, so in addition to the nifty graphic showing the rewards here's the recommended order of completion:


gives by far the highest rewards


there's 3 of these available, again giving higher rewards than the rest of the options.

Battlegrounds/Kion's Ordeal/Elder Rifts/Challenge Rifts

There will be at least 2 of these as options to take.

Collect 2 Normal Gems

chances are this will be unlocked naturally while doing your dungeons or bounties and will be hard to avoid.

Inspect the Wall of Honor / Contribute to the Eternal Crown / Inspect the Immortal Statue

there are 2 of these available. These are incredibly easy to finish taking seconds to complete.

Defend the Vault / Defeat a Shadow

these offer slightly higher xpand prestige compared to the previous batch, but no essentia unlike those above it.

Gather Enchanted Dust

this is probably one of the harder ones to complete as you need to collect 50.

Now the first 4 (Bounties and Dungeons) are vastly superior in XP, Contribution and Essentia, making them worth doing every day. The rest have limited value. Defending the Vault and Defeating a Shadow both offer decent xp rewards (a bit over 100k) as well as solid Contributions, but they offer ZERO essentia. Essentia is what is used to open Kion's ordeal. The more often that's opened, the more rewards (legendary items) given out and the stronger the clans become. Collecting and holding onto Essentia is vital for the Immortals. All of the other quests offer small amounts of xp, contribution and essentia - but they at least OFFER essentia, which is why I have them ranked higher. It means better rewards for everyone.
Let's compare the XP rewards between Immortal and Shadows for a minute. Shadows get 865k XP from the Assembly in total. Immortals get 216,211 XP from Bounties, 108,110 XP from each Dungeons, and 324,332 XP from Battlegrounds, Kion's Ordeal, Challenge Rifts and Elder Rifts for a total of 1,189,215 xp from just from those 6 Daily Goals! If you figure the other 3 Goals are completed as well, you're talking about a 52%-67% improvement on your XP.

There are of course 4 other daily or semi-daily activities for immortals:

Vault Defense

Corvus Expedition

Kion's Ordeal

Rite of Exile

Vault Defense

Defending the Vault is an activity that must be done twice a day in order to protect the Essentia to unlock Kion's Ordeal as well as the Legendaries rewarded for contributions each week. The system at present is pretty poor in game, with no queue system, but with good leadership and organization this can be overcome with proper clan management. It's not practical to expect everyone to defend every day, twice a day, but there's multiple ways to do it.
Our clan actually coordinates with leaders to run the defense teams and agree on who goes next to defend. This is pretty labor intensive and its effectiveness really depends on how many shadows are participating in the raids as well. A simpler option is assigning members to defend at certain times/days, though this is quite susceptible to aggravation and requires fuller participation from the immortals as a whole. And of course any system falls apart if everyone doesn't abide by the rules imposed.

Corvus Expedition

This is an activity that is done 3 times a week and available to the entire clan as a whole. It's a simple Diablo quiz and short boss fight. All Immortals can participate and the Leaders can schedule the event to better suit schedules.

Kion's Ordeal

This is the main draw of the Immortals. Kion's Ordeal is a 4 part boss fight that only 50 members can participate in at a time. There are 4 bosses in 4 separate rooms that must all be defeated. When one boss goes down the others get a buff, so it's advantageous to coordinate and keep an eye on the damage the other bosses are taking so that one doesn't become so strong it can't be defeated. The fight itself isn't particularly difficult, just potentially so if one or more get melted down too fast.
The rewards for Kion's are the real deal though. In addition to a guaranteed legendary, there are several mystery legendaries, divided by gear slot, that will appear afterwards. Everyone stands in a circle around it and the legendary piece is awarded to one member. Again, this can lead to problems if folks are greedy and not coordinating as only 16 members will get lucky enough to get those rewards. Agreeing to step out of the circles once you've won a piece already is only fair to the others.
Of course the trick to Kion's is collecting enough Essentia to unlock the Ordeal as often as possible each week - it's only capped by the amount of Essentia you can collect - which is why doing the daily activities that provide Essentia is so important.

Rite of Exile

At the end of the week, the Shadows will try and overthrow the Immortals through the Rite of Exile. Defending against this is absolutely crucial to staying Immortal. The Rite is an 8v8 battle against each of the top 10 Shadow Clans. This means the Immortals need to field 80 strong PvP players to win each match. Of course not every Shadow Clan is created equal, and assigning your strongest players to specific opponents is a crucial part of the process. The Shadows do not need to win every fight to advance and the required number decreases every week, almost guaranteeing that eventually the Immortals will be overthrown.


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