Which Greater Rift level should you be farming?

Written By ChoseN


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Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 are probably the best overall thing that someone can farm because of the consistent blend they have for not only legendary drops and experience, but also to keep leveling up legendary gems.

But how is someone supposed to know what the best level to farm is? Should you be farming the highest possible level that you can, or blasting them down in less than a minute 1-shotting everything?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any concrete way to officially monitor your XP / per hour, or legendary drops per hour, etc, but it can be done by diligently tracking these things before a Greater Rift then calculating it manually.

It is definitely smart to push your GR levels up as long as you are progressing at a decent pace because this will get your legendary gems pushed up until you hit a progression ceiling. When you hit that ceiling, it’s time to pick the best level for speed farming. Throughout the years, and different calculations I’ve done running GR’s, there does seem to be a pretty general sweetspot that you want to hit.

I would recommend trying to stay around the 2 minute clear time as a general rule for GR speed farming. This can be a little bit different in a full group compared to solo, and sometimes in a group, it’s not bad to change that to closer to the 3 minute clear time. Staying in that 2-3 minute time-frame should give you close to the best blend of xp and drops per hour.

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