What is the optimal difficulty to play on in Diablo 3?

Written By ChoseN


It goes without saying, that eventually, all players will strive to play on and succeed in torment 16 (t16), but what about if you’re just starting a new season or a beginner to the game? There are some difficulty thresholds that are important to know about and consider to make sure that you’re playing as efficiently as possible.


Image Source: https://d3resource.com/difficulties/


Once you are level 70, which is the max level needed to unlock Paragon leveling, the difficulties will scale up very fast as you acquire set pieces. Top players can be up into Torment 10 or so on the very first night of a season, even in Hardcore mode because of how well set pieces will enable you to scale up.

For Bounties, you really want to try and wait to do your first ones until you are at least doing T1, because you will get double the materials compared to non-torment difficulties. The breakpoints for farming bounties that I recommend are T1, T7, T13, and T16.



For Rifts, the main driving factor is Greater Rift Keys per hour, because those are where we get our greatest gains in Paragon and can also level our Legendary Gems. The breakpoints for farming Rifts that I recommend are T1, T8, T11, T14, and T16.

Ubers are a pretty end-game mechanic and I would say to wait and do these once you have a full build ready to smash T16 because that is where you’re guaranteed to get 4 Organ drops. Until then, kill Keywardens whenever you can when it’s convenient like when completing a bounty in the area, so that you can slowly build up the Infernal Machines over-time to then run them once you are smashing T16.



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